In the beginning was the… erm… something (fill this in later)

Everything has to start somewhere.

A football match starts with a whistle. The universe started with a bang. And this blog’s moment of genesis will occur when I finally click the button that says Publish.

For my first post, a little introduction: my name is Damon Fairclough and I live in Liverpool. I’m a freelance copywriter and content creator, not to mention feature writer, script writer, arts writer, music writer… shall we just say ‘writer’ and be done with it? I’ve been doing all these things for a long time except for the freelance bit, which I only started around six months ago. That’s why this website and blog are quite new. They still creak like virgin shoes; they still smell like fresh paint.

I already have lots of writing online, particularly on my own archive site, Noise Heat Power, and on the arts and culture webzine Northern Soul. However, this blog is a little different as it will focus on my role as a professional copywriter, producing words designed to sell sell sell – or at least to communicate a client’s message and motivate an audience into action. Maybe I’ll talk about current work or perhaps I’ll touch on stuff I’ve done in the past. In fact, both seem likely. And no doubt I’ll also go off at a tangent into areas that don’t seem directly related.

Don’t worry though. Whatever I write about will be related, because creative thinking doesn’t have boundaries. Or it shouldn’t do. All I’m saying is, when I start rattling on about techno and theatre and concrete, don’t stop me.

It all matters, you see.

It’s all words.

At which point, we’ve reached the end of the beginning. Finally, it’s time to get things underway.



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