Freelance copywriting the Fairclough way

“An exceptionally good writer” Helen Nugent, editor, Northern Soul


“One of the best” Peter McCollough, creative director, The Bert Agency

Damon Fairclough, freelance copywriter based in LiverpoolThe right words can make a big difference to your business. After all, the best words don’t just perform a function. They give your brand a voice.

I know this because I’ve spent over two decades helping all kinds of organisations to do more with words. While I’m not about to start regressing back to childhood here, you might like to know a little about how I came to be doing it, and about the people I’ve done it for – from blue-chip brands with offices across the globe to one-person enterprises that are changing the world from their kitchen table.

The story starts here

Once upon a time, I ran a freelance copywriting partnership in Sheffield. I worked for charities, theatres and ad agencies. I learnt a lot, and I learnt it very fast.

I then became a creative writer at Sony Psygnosis in Liverpool, one of the great names in British video gaming. It was an exciting time to be at the heart of the games industry, as Psygnosis published PlayStation titles that conquered the world. I wrote manuals, created ads and developed backstories for games like Wipeout, Colony Wars and G-Police. Mention these names to ageing gamers today, then stand back and watch the nostalgic tears flow.

Next came an extended period at a full-service creative agency in Manchester called Madhouse Associates. I became Head of Copy, and worked with household names like Toyota, Motorola, Adidas, New Balance, AstraZeneca, Redrow Homes and lots more. I worked with many of them for well over a decade, which I think meant my words worked well.

Bang up to date

So that brings us to the here and now. I’m a freelance creative copywriter and content creator based in Liverpool, UK, but able to work anywhere that the internet and internal combustion engine can take me.

From laser-guided one-liners to sleek extended prose, I aim my work straight at your target market. I can take complex subjects and turn them into crackling copy, and I can conjure creative content that gets people liking, swiping and sharing with abandon. My words have the power to ‘drive traffic’, ‘deliver ROI’  and ‘engage stakeholders’ – but always in the language that’s right for your audience rather than by reaching for easy buzzwords and jargon.

The hard work doesn’t stop

Writing isn’t just my job. It’s what I do to feed my soul. That might sound a bit pompous (no, it definitely does) but it’s also true. You can find some of this delicious soul-fodder at websites like these:

Noise Heat Power – my online writing archive

Blasts from the Furnace – my collected articles for the Northern Soul website

You might also spot my words in print and online if you know where to look. Try Bido Lito magazine, Louder Than War and Stuplex for starters.

So that’s my truncated tale. If you think my words could add the oomph! that your brand or business needs, the best place to start is with a chat.

I look forward to hearing from you. And then I really will be able to tell you my life story.